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9 Steps To Master Stress & Anxiety

Georgie Collinson is a naturopath, hypnotherapist and anxiety mindset coach helping people with high-functioning anxiety overcome people-pleasing, self doubt spirals and perfectionism. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to build your inner resilience to the stresses around you by working with your thoughts, gut health, hormones, nutrition and more. You’ll walk away knowing how to […]

How To Become An Online Coach

Ever wondered how to become an online coach? Now, more than ever, it is time to secure your digital future, and take control of your income by having your own online business. But not just any online business, you want something that is fulfilling and that you can be proud of. In this workshop you […]

How To Build A Brand With Authenticity

Breakdown: Intro: set Intentions and intended outcomes followed by group stand and trauma shake Self discovery: How well do you know yourself…really? What do you stand for? What’s What are you passionate about? What 3 words best describe you? What makes you different? What makes you lovable? What parts of you have you found hardest […]