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How to Use Energetics to Master Your Life and Business

This Special Workshop, "How to Use Energetics to Master Your Life and Business", comes with some extra surprises you’ll surely love: ✅  One of the most amazing influencers as a […]


Hack Your Brain To Beat Procrastination

Have you ever felt like there is a part of you, that wants to do more is more excited is more passionate ....BUT on the other hand, there is a […]


How to Gain Confidence Through Fashion Psychology

Mira Janaya an image maker, creator of an Instagram Aesthetics and Digital Marketing agency. Inspired by the transformations of her clients, wants to share with you unique insights into how […]


How to Purify Your Connection to Your Higher Self

Your Higher Self which is your spirit in the future that has lived all your lives and has gone through all the lessons you would learn. When you purify your connection […]


Mushrooms: A Tool For Business Leadership.

Several studies have concluded that more than 90% of people who had a guided psilocybin (psychedelic mushrooms) journey consider it to be among the 5 most spiritually significant experiences of […]


How To Rewild Your Life

As humans we are technically so advanced, and yet we find ourselves too often left in the whirlwind of stress, anxiety, depression, illness, addiction, and injury. This is widely accepted […]


Nomadic Community Experience

Let’s Meet, Mingle, and Make Great Friends! Come and join Café Coach Bali’s Nomadic Community Experience! And meet new and interesting people on Saturday, the 1st of October, 2022, from […]